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“The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as other see them! A coach really, really helps”
- Eric Schmidt


Coaching does not mean you were under achieving in your role. It’s not even about how good you are now and rather how good you will eventually be, that matters. Nearly all great leaders, athletes, musicians or performers had a coach help them so they didn’t have to do it on their own, alone. We all have perspectives of how we see the world or describe success and it is that narrative or reason why we either continue forward or remain stuck.

Having an ICF accredited coach who upholds the ICF Code of Ethics and believes in a transformative partnership, and someone you can trust to speak freely with can be a very rewarding investment in yourself. It is an empowering approach to challenging the perspectives and patterns of behaviour that shape your narrative and doing the hard work we can begin to unearth your true inner reflection, to start building resourcefulness, new insights, and renewed confidence to let our imperfect brilliance shine to reach our potential. Coaching can have a profound and positive effect on levels of growth you once didn’t think were possible. In the words of Nelson Mandela: “It seems impossible, until it’s done.”

Coaching is for everyone, who is engaged with investing the time and energy into themselves, who desires feedback and perspective to help them grow and improve.  It is for those interested in how they get better at what they do,  including Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt, CEO and executive chairman of Google (2001-2015).

Common areas of focus for Coaching

Leading self: increased confidence and stronger leadership in applying already developed leadership skills in a broader range of complex contexts. Increased self-awareness, social and emotional intelligence, attention to values and guiding principals, recognizing limiting beliefs and fears, developing better time management skills, reducing stress and anxiety, and continuous learning.

Leading others: increased confidence in leading business objectives and decision-making and the relational skills that translate into achieving goals personally and through others. Including attention to communicating with greater impact and empathy, becoming a more effective leader, reading people, influencing, inclusion, conflict management, effective teamwork, and encouraging creativity, and leading others through change and transition.

Results focused: increased effectiveness integrating systems thinking into decisions and leadership. Including transforming greater work satisfaction and engagement, encouraging creativity, inspiring productivity, clarifying goals, aligning structures, systems, processes, people, skills.

Strategic thinking: A certified Executive Coach will co-create a safe space to be a sounding board to strategize without repercussions. Including increased confidence to express a strategic vision for the organization and how it aligns and resonates with your team. Developing more productive work relationships and networks, systems thinking, strategic planning and organizational change.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your life and career, let’s connect with a no pressure virtual coffee chat.  I’m ready to help facilitate your leadership coaching journey.


One-on-One Coaching

Confidential individualized support for advancing and sustaining personal and professional growth and resiliency.


Team Development

Great cultures and teams need to be nurtured and supported in navigating barriers in order to reach their full potential.



Fast track your personal and professional development using our industry-leading, science-based assessment tools to build greater self-awareness.


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