“Success is when reality catches up with your imagination.”
- Simon Sinek

The initial inception of Brilliance Coaching was on April 24, 2021 during the last day of residency in the Executive Coaching Graduate Program at Royal Roads University. Our instructors @Scott Richardson, @Marg Busse and @Carollyne Conlinn encouraged us to connect and reflect often through journaling. They asked us what we were leaving at the door as we embarked on this coaching journey.  #Heartbeatofchange #EvokingTheExtraordinary

What was I leaving at the door? My journal entry read, “I am leaving self doubt right here, right now!” What held me back before was not going to hold me back going forward. It’s been a process to get here, however a great coach of mine who lived B!G himself kept encouraging me to hold that space of dreaming big but to take tiny steps daily, and here we are!

My coaching journey started with coaching others, a requirement to graduate. The business of coaching was a whole other subject that I needed to explore on my own… except, with coaching we don’t have to do it alone! #NeverTrustACoachWhoDoesn’tHaveACoach

We are in business…

What are you leaving at the door?

I’m ready when you are – let’s connect.