“Living in the moment is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.”

- Ted Lasso

The concept behind Brilliance Coaching came to life through the Executive Coaching Graduate Program at Royal Roads University, and the coaching conversations we had about discovering hidden gems when you are mindful and present. It was this exposure to being mindful that really piqued my interest in mindfulness and its many great health benefits and the importance of making time to practice mindfulness.  

I was a human “Being”, mindful of creating profound clarity. It was through my coaching sessions that I was able to have a thinking partner to conceptualize these thoughts and clarify the action forward. This deeply profound clarity was generated from being more present, helping me discover hidden treasure chests filled with gems of clarity and learning. These chests are everywhere around us and not so hidden when we are mindful and present, and we are the key to opening these chests.

What does all of this have to do with the branding of Brilliance Coaching? Well, it is the brand! It’s our story about being humble, vulnerable, and authentic with the mission, vision and core messaging. 

In the above images, on the left is the branding iceberg that describes a company’s marketing initiatives of bringing the brand to life so they can describe who they are being to stakeholders. On the right, we have the below the waterline model where the iceberg represents our core thoughts, actions and patterns of behaviour that shape who we are being and influence our unique narratives that either keep us moving or get us stuck. Depending on your perspective each iceberg almost looks like a diamond, at least it does to me. The Brilliance Coaching diamond represents the core of the whole person, with five distinct points. It’s our spiritual self that connects our values and purpose. It’s our emotional self that connects how we process feelings and intuition from experiences. It’s our social self that connects our identity through relationships and boundaries. It’s our physical self that acts as a system of resources of energy and limitations. It’s our mental self that connects our knowledge and thoughts from experiences. It’s this whole-self awareness that creates the necessary immense pressure to unearth our imperfect hidden gem; like a diamond’s core, our true inner reflection reveals our unique and imperfect brilliance. The shadow represents our fears of discomfort contrasted with the light of possibility; we must learn to become comfortable with the discomfort of our growth. The lines within represent the interpretation in which the subject is viewed and the levels of depth one can explore. The diamond’s core represents our blemishes, our prisms or the prisons of our own narrative. Paragons of potential. Luminosity of mind and being. Metamorphism and transformation of our limitless possibilities. There is no shortcut to learning through experience. It’s through our journey of self-awareness that we begin to shape our deeper understanding of ourselves and what we recognize and value in others. It becomes a genuine commitment to building self-confidence in order to expand our own possibilities and contribute to the growth of others. It’s creating a safe space for true inner reflection where we can unearth our imperfect brilliance to help us transform and thrive. The header image of this blog post is the first draft of my logo. It was designed by my 8-year-old daughter who remains the inspiration of my why – to support thriving and healthy organizations that embrace healthy corporate cultures that she would one day be proud to work with. How will you unearth your brilliance? I’m ready when you are – let’s connect.